SEC Player Suspended After Unsettling News

Tennessee Volunteers linebacker William Rohan was captured throughout the end of the week for aggressive behavior at home.

Knoxville police report:
At the point when the casualty declined, Mohan supposedly called her horrendous names.

Mohan developed upset, got the casualty's face, and stifled her, the protest said. The lady said specialists Mohan gagged her by hauling her towards him.

The lady told police she yelled, got away from Mohan's grasp, and requested that he go. As indicated by the story, he denied, so the casualty got a blade.

The casualty encouraged Mohan to go when she returned with a blade. Mohan got her neck and eliminated the blade, as per the protest.

As indicated by the charge, one of the casualty's flat mates then, at that point, encouraged Mohan to leave. The casualty said specialists Mohan left, however at that point continued calling and thumping once more.

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