Neighbors enraged at 'Quick and Furious 10' stunts

"Quick and Furious" fans are prepared for "Quick X" in April. Angelino Heights occupants disagree.

Since the film's presentation in 2001, fans have rushed to Angelino Heights to see Dominic Toretto's (Vin Diesel) privately-run company and Victorian home.

Weave's Market and Dominic's house aren't simply selfie places like the adjoining "Enchanted" property. Consistently, vehicle fans donut and race west of Downtown.

Occupants troubled up with the clamor and risky conditions expect to fight Friday's "Quick X" creation. The show comes as citywide wrath over road hustling and takeovers tops

During the pandemic, reckless driving and speeding have caused an expansion in rush hour gridlock and passerby passings.

Angelino Heights property holders let Variety know that their anxiety with "Quick and Furious" isn't the one-day shooting yet the all year impact of the flicks.

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