Kevin Durant exchange reports rock NBA

Kevin Durant has looked for an exchange from the Brooklyn Nets, and in spite of the fact that discussions have been slow, another club could speed things up.

The Nets haven't moved Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant since they need win-now players in return, which clubs haven't advertised.

Most clubs inspired by Durant or Irving, similar to the Lakers, don't have any desire to exchange away their success now parts and would prefer to add a star deeply.

Memphis has five draft choices and various youthful players, Charania composes. He feels Jaren Jackson Jr., Desmond Bane, and Ja Morant are unapproachable and favors draft choices.

That doesn't drill well for the Grizzlies' expectations of jumping more grounded rivals, however Memphis' resource heap seems like what the Nets need.

Charania said Phoenix proposed a draft-pick-weighty arrangement to Brooklyn, which declined.

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