Google will remove location history of US users in abortion clinics, domestic violence shelters.

Tech monster, Google on Friday made a declaration that it will eliminate clients' area history.

In any case, when they go to abortion clinic, abusive behavior at home havens and different spots in the US.

Google Senior Vice President Jen Fitzpatrick posted an article in which he wrote.

If our system detects that someone has visited one of these locations.

we will remove these entries from the location history immediately upon their departure," as reported by AFP.

Jen Fitzpatrick said, "This change will take effect over the next few weeks.

This step will be taken for where protection is looked for.

Different spots incorporate fertility centers, fixation treatment offices and weight reduction centers.

The announcement comes a week after the US Supreme Court's tectonic decision to strip American women of abortion.

Due to which a dozen states have banned or severely restricted the process.

This was followed by massive protests across the country.