Married at first sight Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy have split up

Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy look back on their relationship… and decide to end it.

The “Married at First Sight” stars announced their split on their personal social media accounts on July 10, more than a month after Lifetime wrapped up season 14 of the dating reality show, which featured the couple as married.

Noah, 33, kept his separation statement short and simple, sharing a photo of himself on a surfboard with the caption, “Divorce feels good.”

In her Instagram story, the talent acquisition coordinator added, “Take back your narration (even if your voice is shaking).” He also appears to reference his breakup with Steve through a selection of songs that play in his story, including Kanye West’s single from 2021’s “Hurricane” starring The Weeknd and Lil Baby.

“No more darkness for me / I know you see me,” sings The Weeknd. “Eighty degrees / Burning leaves / I’m finally free.”

She also sings Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran’s 2022 hit “Bam Bam” in a video of her dancing happily on the beach. The song contains the lyrics: “Yes, love came and knocked me down / But I got back on my feet.”

However, Steve was much gloomier when it came to breaking the news of the couple. In a lengthy statement on Instagram, the former sales engineer, 38, explained that he “didn’t expect this announcement to come out today, but I’m prepared for it.”

“When I said yes on decision day, I knew our relationship was far from perfect, but I believe that with enough time, effort and understanding, we will overcome the challenges we face and form a healthy and functioning relationship.” he wrote some. “Over time, I have lost hope that this could happen and I believe we cannot be reconciled in a way that compromises cannot be repaired or overcome.”

While he admits the couple has been “split for a while,” Steve shared that part of him “is still holding on to the potential for real change” in their relationship, but “this shocking announcement is a signal that it’s time to let it go.”

Steve also expressed his fear of “letting down people” by revealing that they had separated and shared his best wishes for Noah in the future.

“Noah, I will always love you. I really hope we become a better couple,” he wrote. “I hope we can meet each other’s needs without feeling that we have to compromise each other to a point beyond what we consider acceptable.” I hope, our willingness to be flexible with each other, will match the chemistry we are lucky to have. ”

How does it feel? “I’m doing my best to stay positive and I’m lucky to have an amazing group of people around me who support me through anything,” he wrote. “Obviously I have negative feelings about it, but I try to process it on my own time and with people I can rely on, and try not to reveal it in public.”

She added, “I gave so much of myself to this marriage, this process, and this experience in general. I don’t regret anything I’ve given, but it’s time to do what’s best for us.”

Last month, Steve shared in another Instagram post that the couple was having a hard time “overcoming the challenges we faced in our personal relationship because we recently went public on social media, where a lot of people invest and want details”.

He added: “We’ve chosen not to share things as we work and clarify things, although we recognize that some people are expected to want to know more.”

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